Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Before Early Voting Election Thoughts

Early Voting starts Monday and I figured I would do one post from this slow PC and very slow connection. Jim and Amy (Happy Birthday) have sent me a bunch of links I won't get to in this one.

Let me start with something personal. I spent some hours yesterday picking up signs from the printer and helping to put them together. The one good thing was that not many signs were ordered as I feel they are of limited effectiveness, only being truly useful in a good block walking campaign and asking supporters if they want one for their yard. In general, how many people base who they vote for on the little signs? If they saw it in the yard of someone they know maybe, other than that - no. In fact, my thoughts on that are so strong I fired off an email to the Harris County Democratic Party pointing out some things they should be doing instead of asking all Democratic candidates to contribute 5 signs for each early voting location in Harris County and asking for volunteers to put them up between 3 and 6 AM Monday. Will over 330 signs at each location from Democrats but not advertising their Democratic status really have much sway over voters? Should someone running in far west Harris County blanket every Harris County early voting location with five signs costing $4 each or more? It is nice to see them brainstorming something and if a candidate has an extra $600 or more in their local race campaign coffers go ahead. There are probably some arguments for this but I would be more in favor of it if they attached a big Democratic sticker to each sign and helped the candidates with financing.

In local races, Bell moves into the clear second spot with 26% compared to Kinky and Strayhorn with 13% in a Wall Street Journal poll. Democratic support for Kinky has plummeted from 19% to 7% in the poll. Kinky is now calling for a Texas health care plan when the Texas politicians won't adequately fund children's health care which the feds would contribute more money to if Texas provided matching funds. Bell only needs one vote more than Perry to win in a race where there will not be a run-off. If you want Perry out vote for Bell, 35% could win this race. I will probably vote Monday to get it out of the way even though I am at my polling place election day. Other people I know always wait for the last minute in case something comes out to change their vote. Bush may show up to campaign for Shakira Something - she is so far down any publicity, even being connected to Bush, is good. Let's get DeLay and Cheney and Rumsfeld here for her as well.

In national election news, some more media reports from Newsweek, the WSJ and the AP on angry energized voters not happy with the GOP control of Congress, GOP corruption, GOP scandals, and Bush's war. The faithful particularly are losing faith in the Grand Oh-Oh Party.

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