Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Happened at Forward Base Falcon?

Reports are circulating in the Arab press and alternative media around the world that on the 11th,there was an attack on a large American base and supply depot in Baghdad that destroyed the base. The official Western media reports downplayed the incident and initially reported no casualties. This has been updated to a series of explosions and two minor casaulties. The unofficial sources have over 300 dead and wounded, thirty or more explosions, the base completely destroyed, tens of tanks and armored vehicles destroyed, and damage estimates of hundreds of millions of dollars or more. There is even a long list of the names of the American casualties.

Before this important election, would it be possible for the military and official sources to cover-up a big U.S. military disaster in Baghdad? Yes. Would they? Yes, if they thought they could keep it covered up at least until after the election. Did they? Unknown, but the exaggerations appear to be more from the underground media crowd. The base was not destroyed but did take heavy damage. The biggest question is the unknown number of casualties, the list could be just of the men stationed there.

Looking at the photos both sides appear to be exaggerating - the Americans minimizing the attack, underground sources equating a number of trailers and bunkers being destroyed with the entire base.

A list of Arab and other media reports. Video of explosions with a very large blast at the 4 minute mark.

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