Friday, October 13, 2006

Democrats more enthused, more liberal for 2006

Pew Research finds for the first time in years Republicans are more discouraged about going to the polls than Democrats. Overall Democrats are angry but optimistic this year and Pew suggests that voter turnout will be up, always a good sign for Democrats.

What's in a name? Liberal is not a dirty word among Democrats this year with it starting to challenge moderate as how Democrats label themselves.

An interesting finding, 5% of Republicans define themselves as liberal. That may be due to a radical Republican tradition of putting a different definition on the word where liberal means free enterprise.

Other election related news -

Hastert won't resign, according to Novak, so Democrats should play up his Republican supporters on the Hill who put politics over family values.

You need a very large scorecard to keep up with the Republican myths about the Foley sex scandal and their inaction.

Foley was inappropriately touching pages on House floor in 2001 - link from The Raw Story.

Will the courts set free an American citizen because of Bush torture?

The Right can't accept the 655,000 extra dead Iraqis claim and the increasing violence because it contradicts one of their last stated reasons for staying - protecting the Iraqis.

A WP photographer provided extensive blog publicity for Wal-Mart.

Bush and the simple clear failure of his policy on North Korea with an example of his ignorance on the topic.
"Failure" =1994-2002 -- Era of Clinton 'Agreed Framework': No plutonium production. All existing plutonium under international inspection. No bomb.

"Success" = 2002-2006 -- Bush Policy Era: Active plutonium production. No international inspections of plutonium stocks. Nuclear warhead detonated.

Face it. They ditched an imperfect but working policy. They replaced it with nothing. Now North Korea is a nuclear state.

Facts hurt. So do nukes.

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