Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clear Lake politician under investigation for $100,000 in campaign finance violations

Just another career politician like State Rep. Robert Talton. Nothing too odd showed up in Talton's ethics reports except his close financial ties to Christian broadcasting in Houston, somewhat obscure in the reports, and to Harris county GOP leadership. Talton does like limos. He works for the GOP Republican chairman's law office which helped explain his leading role as a possible DeLay replacement. That and his even more extreme than DeLay Christian nationalism and homophobia.

Talton personally, not his political campaign, was paid $2500 by the DINO Don Harrison campaign in the runoff election which resulted in pretty much another tie and the year long court battle after Harrison refused to give up his seat. One thing odd about the expenditure is that Harrison's opponent was openly Republican although not tied into the party. Not sure what kind of election help that $2500 bought Harrison. Concerning Stanley's lack of ties to the GOP, I remember Leroy Stanley's wife asking me: "what does GOP mean?" That is not much of a Republican. Not sure she would appreciate me writing now that currently it seems to mean Grand Old Pedophiles.

Back to work, lighter posting soon as I start a class in tax preparation and the Janette Sexton campaign ties other time up.

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