Monday, December 03, 2007

Clean Coal? Dirty Lies.

You have probably already seen TV and print advertisements for clean coal technology.

There will be more.

Don't believe them.

The coal industry is in a panic because large coal plants in the United States are starting to be cancelled. They emit too much pollution and they emit large amounts of carbon dioxide which will be classified as a pollutant. From The Progress Report:
The tide is steadily turning against coal. In the past 18 months, "about a dozen states including Texas, Florida and Oklahoma also have rejected plans for 22 new coal-fired power plants." This week, Google also announced that it plans to invest "hundreds of millions of dollars" to "develop electricity from renewable energy sources that will be cheaper than electricity produced from coal."
The coal industry ads use scare tactics of various kinds and always say there are new technologies like liquid coal that can solve America's energy needs. The truth is liquid coal would produce twice as much carbon dioxide as gasoline at a higher cost and consume massive amounts of water.

Kansas has seen a particularly dirty lies ad campaign from the coal industry claiming the decision to cancel a large coal power plant would lead to more U.S. natural gas imports from Russia, Iran and Venezuela. We import no natural gas from those countries.

Part of the dirty campaign the coal industry is running is funding global climate change deniers and ads dismissing the environmental threat.

We need to retrofit existing coal plants to make them much cleaner and reduce CO2 emissions but new plants using coal will have steep hurdles to meet to be acceptable.

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