Friday, December 14, 2007

Who won the last Dem debate?

Edwards Debate Performance Wows CNN And Fox Focus Groups

Still interested in the two front runners, although Iowa is a three-way tie, the media paid only a little attention that John Edwards most impressed the voters who were assembled by CNN and Fox News to gauge reaction.

Reminds me somewhat of 2004 in the college informed voter study. Poly Sci professors assembled 700 nationally representative voters and for weeks of the early primary season had them watch videos and read about all the candidates and discuss it among themselves.
Over the next five weeks, as Mr. Kerry built up momentum among both real-life primary voters and the control group in the experiment, Senator John Edwards enjoyed the biggest surge in the well-informed test group, which was won over by his personal traits as well as by his policies, notably his protectionism on trade. Besides appealing to the Democrats in the test group, Mr. Edwards did better among the group's independents and Republicans, and he emerged as the strongest candidate against Mr. Bush.

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Anonymous said...

Edwards won going away from the field. I think he's got Iowa locked. Now we'll see if he can get a post-Iowa bump that brings him to victory in New Hampshire.