Thursday, December 27, 2007

Houston's Bob Perry Places His Bet

Bob Perry of Perry Homes is financing anti-Huckabee ads in Iowa.

It is interesting watching the money wing of the GOP tear down it's majority base's candidate from the religious wing. It took them forever to chose but chosen they have. The AP has the story:
The Club for Growth is spending $175,000 to continue running ads in Iowa that highlight tax increases adopted in Arkansas when Huckabee was governor. During the past three weeks, the group has spent $550,000 to criticize Huckabee's economic policies.

According to Federal Election Commission records, received $200,000 this month from Bob Perry, a Houston homebuilder who in 2004 pumped nearly $4.5 million into the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth to pay for unsubstantiated ads that questioned Kerry's Vietnam service.

Perry contributed $2,300, the maximum allowed, to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is Huckabee's top rival in Iowa. Romney has been running his own ads against Huckabee, criticizing his record on immigration and taxes.
Just from conversations Huckabee looks like he is becoming the Texas favorite. Perry and the other millionaires must figure they have to kneecap him now before he gets too unstoppable.

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