Friday, December 14, 2007

How will the Real GOP Counter Huckabee's surge?

The surge in the polls of Gov. Huckabee of Arkansas has the real leaders of the GOP, conservative billionaires, unlimbering their heavy guns.

They seem to have decided their candidate must be Mitt Romney - photogenic, sucessful conservative businessman, pragmatic, a flip-flopper untouched by any major scandals.

Romney even has his own secret weapon. His venture capital firm announced it is buying Clear Channel Radio. Expect all of the talk radio clowns to begin smearing Huckabee as often as Matt Drudge has recently. You will see more Romney endorsements like the National Review just gave him.

I had previously said, I see I didn't write it down on this blog, that Romney was the likely nominee. The Christian Right only thinks they control the party. Many Republicans will think it is time for the most Republican religion in America to be rewarded with a presidential nominee.

It'll be interesting to watch this intra-party war play out over the next few weeks.

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MyKisa said...

we knew something was amiss