Thursday, December 13, 2007

Falkenberg: Property outweighing people in Horn case

Lisa Falkenberg has been looking up the law on Joe Horn's actions in killing two robbers of his neighbor's house by shooting them in the back as they left. She thinks Texas law may support him. She thinks that is a mistake.

Her column quickly draws over a thousand comments. The large majority support Joe Horn.

If he was a security or police officer Joe Horn would have been fired and be lucky if he escaped manslaughter charges.


Robert Nagle said...

I really enjoy Falkenberg's columns about just about anything. She has interesting perspectives. Gary, for a change in politics, check the comments on the NYT article on the Horn case .

Anonymous said...

My name is Peter Bagetakos, and I currently live near Atlanta
Apparently those against JOE HORN don't realize how many burglaries lead to violence against the homeowner. Joe may have saved more than his own life that day.