Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sex on the City Timeline

Rudy had taxpayer dollars fund his lover's security and drivers and attempted to hide the expenditures in many obscure city department budgets. Judith Nathan was getting a lot of special treatment.
Early 2000 -- NYPD officers start escorting Nathan around. Giuliani aides say that the protection at the time was "sporadic and did not include a full-time, round-the-clock detail." They cited previously undisclosed "threats" as the reason. But "former neighbors of Nathan's, as well as a law enforcement source, describe a full-scale valet service at Nathan's beck and call...."

4/08/00 -- NYPD officers charge the city for gas a half-hour from Nathan's hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where her parents live. It's unclear who they were accompanying.

5/10/2000 -- Giuliani announces that he will be separating from his wife, Donna Hanover. Giuliani tells the press that he and Nathan are "very good friends."

5/13/00 -- The New York Post reports that Giuliani's regular weekend visits to the Hamptons cost taxpayers at least $3,000 a day for his detail of NYPD detectives.

8/20/00 - Giuliani files for divorce.
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