Monday, December 17, 2007

Sexual Harassment Common at KBR

Another woman working at Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown and Root in Iraq supports the claims of rape and harassment there. Houston Channel 11 News:
"If you wanted to get a promotion you didn't necessarily have to have the qualifications,” remembered Lindsey, a former KBR contractor. “You just needed to be sleeping with the person who was doing the hiring.”

Though she did not know Jamie Leigh Jones, the young KBR contractor who says she was drugged and gang raped by colleagues, Lindsey said Jones’ allegations are not surprising.

“Where I was at and when I was there it was very, very upsetting,” Lindsey recalled.

In a sworn affidavit for the Jones case, Lindsey said: “I saw rampant sexual harassment and discrimination."

“Well, first of all, a boss saying that he hired a woman because she told him that she puts out," she added.

Her affidavit also said: "When anyone would report an incident of abuse or harassment, they would be threatened with a transfer to a more dangerous location."

Lindsey said complaints made it back to KBR's Houston headquarters, but the people causing problems in Iraq were never removed.

Jamie Leigh Jones and a North Carolina woman, who also said she was assaulted by a KBR contractor, will both testify before Congress Wednesday.
KBR has also been sued by 4 other women alleging sexual harassment and rape while working for KBR in Iraq. This is in addition to the other fraud and abuse cases in the court system over aspects of KBR's Iraq adventure.

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