Monday, December 17, 2007

More Joe Horn

The Texas gun owner's symbol of the right to shoot robbers in your neighborhood in the back gets even more news.

Front page Sunday Houston Chronicle: The Man behind the Gun.

His lawyer permitted Joe to answer questions that showed Joe Horn was a nice guy. Shouldn't the right bloggers be all over this defense trial lawyer?

What the sociologists say - empowerment drives shooting in the back advocates.

That Lisa Falkenberg column that tossed gas on the local flames: "it's a bad thing to kill other people when we don't have to." Her three columns on Joe Horn are getting letters and thousands of comments, majority unfavorable.

Texas has always been known for its support of lynch mobs.

Today: An actual self-defense, home invasion shooting.

What do the false macho, gun-loving, thumb-sucking bunch think? Right now they are freaking out over the Chron for showing what Colombians are saying.

Joe's lawyer:
Lambright insists Horn feared for his life. After the 911 dispatcher asked for more information on the burglars, Horn left his house to see what was happening and to possibly get a glimpse of the burglars' car or license plate, Lambright said.

"He went outside and all of a sudden there they were," Lambright said. "And Horn tells them 'move and you're dead.' The suspects have a shotgun aimed at them and their response was to run at Joe and he panicked."
He panicked? I thought Joe was the hero? Oh, that's right. Joe's lawyer is trying to get him out of a double homicide charge. When they have you on tape saying you are going out to kill them.... change the story. Joe was going to check the license plate! He was afraid when they charged him! Ignore the premeditation on tape, ignore the shooting diagram (not online but in the print Chronicle) and ignore the shootings in the back! That's the ticket.

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