Saturday, December 29, 2007

Obama: naive, neophyte, needs seasoning

I am impressed and inspired by Barack Obama. Being impressed and inspired does not mean I support him as the best choice for Democrats.

On health care reform, on foreign policy, on being tough enough to negotiate with corporate America and the GOP, the past two months have shown his weakness and inexperience.

This is a good practice run to prepare him for next time, if he shows some leadership in the next few years.

SusanUnPC shares my concerns and calls him out over his lobbyist "misstatements." Taylor Marsh has" also called him out on his false health care robocalls. More comprehensive Taylor Marsh on Obama.

lambert on Corrente:Income Inequality Rising.
Obama wants to “reach out,” but that strategy has already been tried. Obama says he wants to “reach out” to Republicans. But Reid and Pelosi “reached out” to Republicans, and that strategy was a miserable failure.

Real wages have been flat for a generation; unions have been disempowered; the powers of corporations greatly increased; government has become an agent for the corporations, rather than a protector of the people; the safety net has been shredded; and so on and on and on.

The picture tells the story. The Conservative Movement succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the billionaires who invested in it. Despite the remarkable gains that we have made in productivity, they creamed most of it off.
More from Kevin Drum on Inequality.

Joe Conason, Obama's European Problem.

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Anonymous said...

Obama uses language precisely, even when he is equivocating. I appreciate that. I'm getting to the point where I think Hilary might be the better candidate. She's not presidential per se, but at least would not cower in the face of opposition. With Obama, I'm not so sure.