Monday, December 03, 2007

Pasadena Pulls TV Coverage of Council Meetings

After complaints that candidates running for mayor on the council or appearing before city council were getting free publicity, Mayor Douglass has suspended broadcasts until after the election. The Pasadena Citizen had asked the Texas State Attorney General to rule on the free coverage for some candidates.

The Citizen has more.

Letters to the Citizen has more.

I had more here and here.

I think it would be nice if Pasadena picked someone other than Harrison or Isbell for mayor. The long political dynasties and feud has gone on long enough.

I am not ready to endorse David Stroder but Ralph Riggs is a fresh, smart, responsible new face. Isbell is still favored to be in a runoff with another candidate, but has a chance of avoiding a runoff.

The Pasadena Citizen is slow to move these stories online, due to lack of staff I imagine. I would encourage them to look at Fort Bend Now, which has decided to stay open and expand.

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