Saturday, December 29, 2007

Republicans Raise Child Tax Again

3.4 Trillion dollars since 2001.

What? You haven't heard of the child tax?

That is when the Republicans spend our money without taxes to pay for the spending.

Just like Bush and the Republicans did with the Iraq War. Just like they just did with the Alternative Minimum Tax one year fix. They refused to let Democrats pay for the fix with a tax. Just like they have done with every Bush budget since he has been elected.

Bush came into office with an annual budget surplus. He spent it all the first year.

They refuse to tax to pay for any thing and say,. "Put it on the bill, we'll be dead before our children and grandchildren have to pay for it.

"And then when the Democrats raise taxes to pay the bill we can run against them for raising taxes."

Borrow and spend Republicans hate kids, don't believe in the future.

Their supporters must be really stupid to fall for that every time.

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