Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Howard Kurtz is a Putz


Robert Nagle said...

wow, this was really damning. In the few times I caught his show I thought Kurtz was interesting and worthwhile.

This article assumes that the problem is Kurtz's political agenda when the problem is just more likely Kurtz's cluelessness.

To use another example: George Will (who I have developed a grudging respect for over the years) has in the last year written several columns riddled with inaccuracies and hasty generalizations (see his piece on Hummers vs. Hybrids).

I think established MSM is loathe to remove certain journalists after they've achieved a certain seniority/name recognition. (Thomas Friedman is another name that comes to mind). Unfortunately being a celebrity journalist really seems to lower the quality of their output.

Gary said...

I couldn't believe the latest Friedman column today. I was very tempted to send him a nasty email. However, just telling someone "you are an idiot, retire now" doesn't see to be contributing to the discussion.

On Kurtz, I am much more inclined to think political agenda this time. TIME's falsehoods and coverup was seeping into the mainstream media and Kurtz was part of the dyke keeping it out.

There is a later Greenwald follow up that discusses that.

I'll see if I have time to make this into a blog post.