Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush cited an Iraqi poll in his speech

Here are other numbers he didn't mention in the speech from the same pole.
Sixty percent said the United States and its allies had done a bad job in Iraq, and almost two-thirds said they opposed the foreign presence. When asked how things are "not for you personally, but for Iraq as a whole," more than half said things were "quite bad" or "very bad," and only 45 percent said "very good" or "quite good."

A quarter said the Americans should leave now, and another 20 percent that they should leave when the new government is seated.
That's almost half saying leave within two months. The NYTimes put a favorable headline and slant on the fact checking and didn't mention the poll the UK funded which was much worse - 82% strongly oppose the presence of coalition troops, less than one percent believe they improve security.

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