Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Anti-Kinsey Report

Who is the conservative expert on Dr. Kinsey, praised on all the usual Right-wing shows? The former singer and song-writer from Captain Kangeroo who has no training in sexuality, biology, or any scientific discipline except for communication. Instead she has a classic anti-sex, anti-porn, religious crusaders zeal as she conducts very dubious research and smears and slanders Dr. Kinsey. She has also become the sole dubious science support of later anti-sex conservative crusaders like David Kupelian.


cash said...

Well, just because she is wrong is no reason to pretend Kinsey was right. Dude was still a hack ... likewise a position isn't wrong just because Hitler once agreed with it.

Gary said...

Kinsey studied sex in an encyclopaedic way when American sex education was in the dark ages. In what way was he a hack?