Monday, August 28, 2006

The Houston Chronicle tells us little about politics

I was clicking through the Chronicle to see what political news they choose to cover and I don't see much

There is an article on Sekula- Gibbs that avoided the down and dirty GOP fighting over rather she is too liberal moderate for DeLay's seat and if her recent anti-immigrant bashing was a sham to shore up her GOP credentials.

On DeLay's empty seat they reran an old Washington Post article from a conservative think-tank on how Democrats try to get Republicans to obey the law. Not really, it was supposedly about the laws being wrong in not letting everybody run. Funny how it listed examples of Republicans in trouble over state ballot requirements and in court against Democrats. If the article had talked about bipartisan state measures that keep many people off the ballot there is a good case to be made.

They cover a Perry financial scandal by noting it raises eyebrows.

Their story on Carol Alvarado's payroll scandal in her office is that there isn't a story. She is doing fine. True or not, Mayor White got coverage for taking the middle ground back in March over Alverado, although that decision drew some criticism from Kristen Mack. Events seem to have proven the mayor correct, Mack.

The one fairly good coverage in the last few days is the heat Perry is taking over trying to give a huge swatch of Texas land to a Spanish company for a very wide toll road. The details I just provided aren't really covered in the story.

One of the things I would like to see covered is the governor's apparent decision to leave the CD-22 seat empty until next year to avoid complicating the already hopeless GOP campaign. Is the Chronicle going to help the GOP bury that story? Will they wait until the Governor announces it on the last day to declare a special election?

I should give up blogs and go back to our Houston "never a Pulitzer Prize" newspaper for this weak sh*t? I get more information from Texas political blogs.

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