Friday, August 25, 2006

Eiland: Bush has around six months to deal with Iran

In a choice of mild sanctions without talks, real negotiations, or a military strike, which will Bush/Cheney choose?
The third option, said [Giora Eiland, Israel's former national security adviser], was a military operation - born of the sense that the diplomatic process would not work and that there could be no compromise with an axis-of-evil power. However, internal political realities and public opinion in the US were not conducive to this, he said, nor was international support readily available. Furthermore, said Eiland, "this would be action that would have to be taken within months.

If not, and if Iran continues enrichment, it will complete the research and development stage and have a proven ability which it can then duplicate at numerous sites. And at that point it could not be stopped by military action. Six months or 12 months from now would be too late, he said.

Tellingly, Eiland noted, it seemed to him that the difficulties facing the administration over that third course were growing.

As the crisis with Iran deepens, meanwhile, some Israeli sources believe the US has acted foolishly in spurning opportunities for international diplomatic cooperation against Iran in recent years, and that Israel mistakenly encouraged this course of action.
Before and during the first world war there was a chorus of people saying there are idiots in power who see advantages to war. There was huge anti-war opposition to the war in the United States. The result was an "Espionage Act" that wasn't against espionage but in a mass of doubletalk made it illegal to speak out against the government.

We who opposed the Iraq War were right, easy war - impossible peace and all for no good reasons. We are now shouting that Bush/Cheney will attack Iran and the consequences will be much worse. The Patriot Act was the early form of this administration's "Espionage Act," when the real war starts you will probably see "Patriot Act 3" - lock those who were right up to shut them up. The only chance to stop a disastrous WW 3 and the drastic loss of liberty in the United States will be to stop the Iran attack this year and elect a real liberty loving Congress and other public officials.

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locodelavida said...

I completely agree with your position, it's a very deep and serious analisys.

Gary said...

Interesting, I know a couple people in Madrid from over a decade ago.