Friday, August 25, 2006

Jim's links

My brother sent me a bunch of links. Some I posted with a credit to him, some without and some never made it. I will post a number of these now and see if I can get caught up. A few are my finding better links and not the original.
Would another automaker do this or would they just let cars roll out and take a profit? - Toyota slows release of cars to deal with quality issues. Honda would do it, can't think of another company.

The One-Year Katrina timeline - NOLA still up s*it creek.

How to really screw Focus on the Family. They will send you or a friend $100 of stuff at a time free. Tell your gay friends. Tell your atheist friends. Do your Christmas shopping early on them. There are a few general items that look real good.

Government bans science majors from studying evolution.

Another FEAR! inspired plane panic attack - 12 Indians released.

American arrested for rebroadcasting Lebanon's most popular TV news - Hizbollah TV.

Audio humor - Paul Bunyan and the photo-copier.

Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters -
More Than 100 Women Raped Or Assaulted By Recruiters In Past Year

Texas towns seizing money and property to go on spending sprees.


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