Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watching "Waging a Living" (Questions from the Audience)

Waging a Living on PBS Tuesday night was very good. All of the people struggling they profiled were making over the minimum wage, in fact, enough above that they would not be affected by an increase in the minimum wage and these people were losing their homes, working hard and really struggling.

I see they had Larry Temple, the Republican Executive Director of the Texas Workforce Commission, on the panel giving the Republican view in reactions to the film. Not mentioned is that he mainly believes in welfare, or workfare, for his friends. "The Texas Workforce Commission has been generous to the Mississippi friends of Executive Director Larry Temple. In the past three years, the agency has given $4.1 million in grants and contracts to companies run by Temple’s friends and state employment to ex-wife of the mayor of Vicksburg.” Houston Chronicle Jan. 2, 2005

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