Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whistleblowers Say State Farm Cheated Katrina Victims

Two claims adjusters claim a widespread fraud and conspiracy by State Farm to reduce claims.


Anonymous said...

Why should my tax dollars and insurance premiums raise because people are stupid enough to live in a hurricane zone. Gee I going to let the gov't take care of me, take some responsibilty people

Gary said...

I have found my friend anonymous is usually a conservative and often supplies us comments like the above. Another version of the "I've got mine Jack, you others can shove off."

The 426 coastal counties have just 11 percent of the territory in the continental U.S., but hold 110 million people -- 45 percent of the population.

So I suppose anonymous expects lower rates if they knock 45% of the people off the books. If he owned property on the coast he would be writing to tell us how his rates are too high.