Monday, October 09, 2006

Bush's failure in North Korea

Former Republican National Security Advisor blames Bush only talking to his friends.

BTW, it looks like the North Korean bomb was another failure with too small of an explosion to be a sucessful test. No printer or Internet media reports yet on this. This test doesn't show anything that wasn't already know. North Korea has the bomb. The United States had better bombs 60 years ago.

ADDED: Some comments on this being a possible dud now showing up. Oh, the GOP talking point will be this was all Clinton's fault. The worst nuclear scientists ever? - some links from Josh.

"Massive unmitigated Bush failure".

Later: I pegged the Right response but didn't go far enough - It's all Clinton's and Carter's fault. Blame those leftist traitors!

Up th paranoia with more fake missile ranges, only the first small ring that reaches Japan is an operational missile. The second is the supposed maximum range of a failed missile test. The third is pure fantasy.

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