Sunday, October 01, 2006

Falling on His Sword - Lies, Lies and Lies

Powell was the good soldier who sold the war and didn't realize he was lied to until one year later. This long article concludes with Powell warning Bush that Iraq was getting worse and they had two months after he left to start turning it around. Bush couldn't figure out why Powell was even there talking to him.

Bob Woodward is strongly implying in his latest book and interviews he didn't realize how much he was being lied to in his first books. They painted a much rosier picture of the Bush administration. Woodward will be on 60 Minutes tonight. After praising his first books he is now dismissed as some liberal elitist by the White House. Of immediate relevance is the Saudi promise to lower gas prices for the election. Lies about Iraq from this administration are just confirmation of what everyone with a lick of sense knows.

Frantic White House reactions gets some compliance at the WP.

A later, more organized reaction from the White House.

Reaction from Newsweek:
The Rumsfeld portrayed by Woodward is bullying and petty. Bush himself doesn't come off much better. The president is folksy and jocular, but incurious to the point of cluelessness. His war cabinet is deeply dysfunctional. Condoleezza Rice is almost a pathetic figure, whining to the president that she can't get Rumsfeld to return her calls.

....The administration was not just unlucky. It was almost willfully blind to the risks entailed in invading and occupying a large, traumatized and deeply riven Arab country.
Newsweek Excerpt.

Another WP excerpt - Secret Reports Dispute White House Optimism. "Again and again and again the administration lies" could be an alternate headline in another non-Republican media world.

Interesting that there is a blatant lie in the article here - Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, had introduced a resolution in Congress calling for American troops in Iraq to be "redeployed" -- the military term for returning troops overseas to their home bases -- "at the earliest practicable date." "Redeployed" means moved to other bases - Murtha wants the majority of US forces to be redeployed to bases in the region but outside of Iraq. It is not clear if this mistaken definition is from Woodward, the WP, or Woodward's source.

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