Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Foley mess: deal with it

Sadly surprised that Michelle Malkin is actually much more sensible than the Houston Chronicle's Right Wing Sparkle on Foley Jailbait. RWS is even a parent when she is not a talking-point repeater for the GOP. How can she write "Keep the Foley scandal honest" without even having the courage to print the "just overly friendly" emails?

The Conservative morning Bible for the media - ABC's the Note - has this as the general reaction this morning:
"The R's desperately want this to be about whether or not they knew of the sexually explicit e-mails/I.M.'s.

"Most parents we talked to over the weekend (including my own conservative R mom) feel the issue is that the R's were given and ignored a huge warning with the first set of e-mails."

"Had there been an investigation at that time, the sexually explicit emails may have been uncovered. But, Members lost that opportunity when the R's chose to protect Foley instead of those kids."

The Old Media and the liberal bloggers share that attitude, and Republican strategists know it.

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