Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let's see, Is there any way FOX News and the conservatives could spin this...

How about running graphics THREE times in your most popular show labeling Mark Foley a Democrat?

You know it's because gays and sex with underage boys are the exact same thing. A fair number of prominent conservatives were willing to go into print and write that.

It's because Mark Foley has an alcohol problem that only a Scientology clinic can cure.

It's because Foley was molested by a gay Catholic priest. Just knew that was coming.

It's because he never really had sex with a minor. Still waiting for that to be exposed but a transcript of Internet IM sex while Foley was waiting to vote has come out. As well as accounts of boys spending the night drinking at his place.

It is all Clinton's fault! Where have I heard that before? Hannity said that while making Monica a teenager instead of over 22.

Liberals just made Hastert and the GOP do nothing until they could spring this on them now. It must be true, a lot of smart people like Rush and Hastert and Sean Hannity all say it, so it must be true.

But really, "He is a father, teacher, coach who cares about the children of this country." Bush himself said that about Denny Hastert.

It is all the fault of that damn tolerance and diversity some people are preaching but not us, according to the Family Research Council.

Those pages were just asking for sex. I know. Matt Drudge.

Even the killings in school are all the fault of schools teaching evolution and people having abortions. Katie Couric turned her ABC Evening News mike over for someone to get that view out.

And, if you are a politician in trouble, the best place to insist on TV interviews about 52-year-old men having sex with young boys is surrounded by day school children and dare the reporters to ask the questions.

Despite a long history of denouncing those "soft" on child predators some people can just cover-up GOP House leadership knowledge and inaction. I'm looking at you O'Reilly.

Is this the nervous breakdown of Republican conservatives?

I'm too tired now to put all the links in. You know what to do if you want the details.

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