Monday, October 02, 2006


Foley appears likely to be charged with a Florida felony

From Jim - Is Foley another version of conservative ideology exploiting the powerless? Also - only in Texas - gun and target groom cakes.

Another 16-year old abused - by Bush. The Unending Torture of Omar Khadr.

UK ambassador to Uzbekistan reveals torture and the US "lily-pad" plan to control oil.

Congress moves forward on bills to establish US Christian Supremacy

WSJ rips GOP Congress leadership with no mention of jail-bait scandal.

If and When Bush Iraqs Iran. Interesting partly as the writer works for the GOP PR firm Benador. Is this like the Time article preparing those in the know for the Iran war?

Stratfor - Fourth Quarter to be dominated by Iran, an escalation in fighting in Iraq. An attack by the US on Iran is not mentioned. A mild recession is also forecast for next year. Stratfor totally missed its foreign policy forecast last quarter - will it do better this quarter?

Matt Drudge - Those pages were asking for sex.

Bay Buchanan: “They failed the parents of this country is what they did”

Literal GOP In-fighting after a tough day. Punches were thrown, a table knocked over.

Kos at CATO makes the case for the libertarian Democrats.

Which is worse: Little Green Ass Footballs, News from My RightWing Ass, Red Ass States, or Ass Powerline?

Cut-and-Run Frist wants a partial Taliban government in Afghanistan

GOP only concerned about Foley's sexual advances to children as a threat to campaigns.

ABC News, which has been the lead network on this, reports recieving many messages from pages that Foley was not the only one.

Conservative Activists call on Hastert to Resign

Even today, Republican't leadership excluding Democrats from meetings about Foley. Media Matters has more on the media lack of coverage of this.

Rush Limbaugh - Foley set up by evil liberal Democrats.

White House downplays Foley scandal as "simply naughty emails"

GOP's attempted cover-up Congressman Tom Reynolds' (R-NY) chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, tried to broker a secret deal last Friday to get ABC News to cover up the worst part of the Foley child predator scandal, the lurid five-plus-page instant message chat in which Foley asked a child to measure his penis and then led the child into a detailed discussion of masturbatory techniques.

ABC: Foley sought in person dates with children he was cruising link from Americablog.

Dobson Statement On Jail-bait: No Mention Of House Leadership, fault of Over-sexualized Society.

Health Insurance providers now placing monetary limits on care.

Is House GOP leadership guilty of a criminal conspiracy?

WP ombudsman responds and agrees with critics - GOP critics. I had an interesting but not informative email exchange with her about her defending the editorial page contradicting facts in the news pages. She said people disagree on facts and pointed to a Post article on disagreement on interpretations of facts, not facts themselves.

The WP's latest editorial trash calls the Democratic Party 'A Party Without Principles'.

A Truly Liberal Media would have all of the GOP House leadership fearing imprisonment instead of simply having them off their game.

Texas 22nd has the GOP given up?

A very long list of Republican Party officials who are pedophiles.

ABC's Mark Halperin in the NY Times says falsely that America is "fundamentally conservative nation" ignoring huge overwhelming majorities for liberal positions. Vast majorities support our government to be responsible for guaranteeing health insurance for all, protecting the environment, eliminating poverty and regulating big corporations. Significant majorities support Roe v. Wade and equality for gays. Two-thirds back a balanced budget over tax cuts, 57% want a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Foley checks into rehab as Republicans seek cover

George Bush's Iraq in 21 Questions - More accurate metrics than the NYT.

Washington Times calls for Hastert resignation

Supreme Court says no dildos for Texas OK.

Chris Bell - Don't Mess with Ethics plan.

David Van Os Whistle-Stop Tour Coming to Houston 10/18

Janette Sexton is preparing some robo-calls which I am helping her with to sound better than her podcast interview. I will also check into why the League of Women Voters has not sent her their questions for the Voter Guide. Janette says she finally saw a Talton sign up. A pretty big one that pretty much just said Talton. Someone else, not me or her, suggested someone get a sign to put below it or beside it that just says "Sucks."

I see musings censored my comment which suggested she do more research on the Internet porn bills before aligning herself with Mark Foley, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Orson Hatch, Lamar Smith, and Dr. James Dobson against Ron Paul no matter how much politically it helps the Democrat. I also mentioned the comic book stores in Oklahoma closed down by a prosecutor doing an early version of the "morphing" laws contending a drawing of a demon was a small child.

The Climate Change Denial Industry - how big oil and big tobacco funded "independent" anti-science groups against climate change.

Foreign Policy Magazine - Empires have Expiration Dates.

Abramoff had 'run' of White House - video.

Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistle-blowers Say

How many congressmen took Abramoff money to tolerate forced abortions and sex slavery? It has become a campaign issue in California and Texas.

The Clairvoyant Onion: Bill Of Right Pared Down to Manageable Six.

I'll stop here.

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rjnagle said...

Wow, what a link dump today! The Uzbekistan article was particularly interesting. I once had the opportunity to be a teacher in Uzbekistan, which I decided to pass on (that was in 1999).