Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reelect those Zany Abramoff friends who pay for software to rig elections!

Corrupt Congressman Tom Feeney can still get the Florida media to rally around and produce zany headlines. Democratic House candidate Clint Curtis testified before Congress and took a lie detector test that Feeney asked him to design software to rig elections. Now he is in a race against the person he has accused of corruption and fraud and plotting to steal elections. Tom Feeney is the only one that took the illegal Abramoff paid Scotland golf trip that has yet to be charged.
[Curtis's] campaign has focused on his concerns about the integrity of America's voting system. He has said in dozens of public forums -- and under oath -- that Feeney asked him and his former employer, Yang Enterprises, to create a software program to fix elections in 2000.

Feeney, who served as Yang's corporate counsel before his 2002 election to Congress, has repeatedly denied the accusations.
The headline in the Orlando Sentinel - "House race turns zanier." Tom Feeney's campaign recently has drawn negative publicity when it sent out 100,000 advertisements some recipients labeled smut to highlight Hustler Magazine's support of the allegations. Here is a link to Curtis's testimony before a Congressional subcommittee. The fairly quick summary version here.
Feeney, who has served one term in Congress, representing a district east of Orlando, has a reputation as a devout neoconservative with a flare for using hot-button issues to his advantage. Former Gov. Lawton Chiles once described him as "the David Duke of Florida politics." Yet the Central Florida politician has steadily climbed the ranks of GOP power. He was Jeb Bush's running mate in 1994 during the governor's first, unsuccessful candidacy. He became state House speaker in 2000 after a track record that included sponsoring the "Choose Life" license plate and threatening to have Florida secede from the union if the national deficit topped $6 trillion. In 2002, Feeney won his congressional seat despite being outspent by his opponent, Democrat Harry Jacobs, 2-to-1.
Meanwhile, here is a look at a recent Florida election Missing audit "zero tapes" and hundreds of extra votes without voters.

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