Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WAR! Iran Attack Probability just went Way Up

UPDATE - my nephew in the Rangers is now on alert status. An attack on Iran just before the election should now be considered likely. Most of the preparations being tracked seem to indicate U.S. readiness for any Iran countermove upon being attacked. This is also becoming openly talked about in military circles.

I wrote before that I was interested in U.S. weapons platforms movement indicating an attack on Iran. Three carrier battle groups and two amphibious expeditionary forces will be by the Persian Gulf later this month.

The original article this Daily Kos dairy quotes extensively from is not a very reliable source on things military but the comments brought out more battle groups being deployed.

That is the size of force I would anticipate for some action against Iran. Unless this is just a show of force against Iran I would say air strikes are on a fast track timetable.

The House and Senate also just quietly passed a bill authorizing Bush to impose economic sanctions to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. I wonder if that counts as a figleaf Bush wanted before preceeding with air strikes?

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