Saturday, October 07, 2006

The WP

Conspiracy Theories Abound as Oil Prices Fluctuate. Notice the article is not totally dismissive of political influence in the four areas it covers that influence prices.

Hastert staffer supports early warnings by Fordham, which Hastert and aide have denied.

Bush objects to qualifications for FEMA Directors, denial of his ability to censor reports.

Ombudsman Deborah Howell defends long showcases of books by their reporters, defends Woodward. She appeases GOP critics of Foley stories by saying that breaking big scandals trump personal preferences. I have decided she is big-time tone-deaf.

Foley and Hastert case illustrates politics trumping family values rhetoric

The great Dan Froomkin roundup headlines Olbermann's special comments. Among the many links to other papers, Dan catches Colin Powell's wife saying he was used to sell a war she wishes hadn't been started. He also links to an Atrios post of video of Jon Stewart watching Bush repeatedly trying to explain what his job is. Froomkin is so good because he reads the liberal blogs as well as Drudge.


Turning away from the Washington Post, Media Matters documents CNN becoming as bad as 10 year old Fox News.

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