Friday, August 29, 2003

Aid Agencies Retreat From Iraq

'Bring'em On' Makes Us 'Sitting Ducks'

A source that attended said employees asked why the U.N. kept them in Baghdad prior to the suicide attack, even though the organization was already at a threat level of four.

By the U.N.'s own definition, a level four alert should have mandated the organization to suspend operations and evacuate its people.

This weekend, the International Red Cross announced it's sending many foreigners home. The group received intelligence that it might be the next terror target, and decided the only way to keep its people safe, is to get them out. That's a call the U.N. has yet to make.

EL - Note that the whole story is a criticism of the UN, which is how CBS, a part of 'the liberal media,' broadcast it. I would think a 'fair and balanced' report would be about how unsafe the US has left Iraq. Except we know that the fair and balanced network is much more partisan than even this.

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