Friday, August 29, 2003

Nightline Tonight - Double-Secret Probation

Nightline -- Let me be honest. Covering the death and destruction that seem to have become part of our everyday life gets wearing on us too. There was a huge car bomb attack in Iraq, the death toll is rising, and as I write this pictures of the carnage are playing out on the televisions in our newsroom. And sometimes I just want to say "enough." We make our livings covering that kind of thing. Crisis, conflict, and let's face it, human suffering, constitute news. And it can be exhausting. We like to have a little fun too.

So tonight we're going to ignore the bad things that happen today, at least I hope we can ignore them, and just do something lighter tonight. So we're going to take a look at a movie that all of us love. For the last couple of days, people here at Nightline have been throwing out their favorite lines from the movie. It's amazing how many people can quote extensively from the movie. And it really did set the tone for countless other movies that came after, some good, some terrible.

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