Tuesday, August 26, 2003

How People Find Me

Google - "phonebook:bread & chocolate va" gives them my Notebook, contrary to what the New York Times thinks.

Google "Easter Lemming" - I'm number one of course.

I'm also number one for Liberal News. I get a lot of people from Canada google that way where they have a Liberal party.

I am now number one on just lemming.

Yahoo is the same.

Besides an occasional email, eXtreme Tracking lets me keep track of how people are finding me. I also have my first counter still up, Nedstat, which says this is approaching 17,000 views since it started tracking. EXtreme tracking says about 14,000 unique visitors.

Here is a recent listing of top words used to find me:

1462 10.69% liberal
1371 10.02% news
476 3.48% lemming
235 1.71% the
171 1.25% and
126 0.92% iraq
120 0.87% bush
105 0.76% rebecca
103 0.75% easter
103 0.75% ramos
91 0.66% nude
75 0.54% war
58 0.42% playmate
56 0.40% for
53 0.38% 2003
47 0.34% spank
46 0.33% lesbian
44 0.32% inferno

Dean is a bit further down.

I haven't blogged about the video from the classic episode of Couplings "Lesbian Spank Inferno" or Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ramos for a while but maybe I should.

I do recommend people visit Dirty Old Man International Association for nice and clean not dirty nude pictures but haven't mentioned an Australian site where people daily submit their best amature nude pictures or pictures they find on the internet. Both DOMAI and Goddess Post seem more naturist or nudist photos, and some voyeur and exhibitionist on amateur Goddess Post, and not the real free sex porn that people are looking for.

Of course, there is a phrase for what I am doing now - trolling for hits ;-). I toss some loaded words into a blog and see what happens to my view rate.

Kinda silly, most don't come back but some will. There is a reason why stories in Penthouse and Playboy are often about liberal politics, conservatives don't like sex. Of course, Hustler is the low-brow version of Playboy with satires of Rev. Falwell in the outhouse with his mother. I don't like Hustler, it captures an audience that believes because of their upbringing sex is dirty.

I've never gone hog wild and liberally sprinkled the blog with names of porn stars like Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni, Brianna Banks, Devon, Miko, Gauge, Amber, Cameo, Obsession, Sierra, Dee, Monique, or even my favorite sci-fi actress Traci Lords ;-).

You might say this is an experiment to remind people looking for naked pictures or porn to vote and keep their freedom to look. For maybe someone socially liberal but fiscally conservative?

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