Saturday, November 26, 2005

My letter made the Houston Chronicle | Letters: Murtha's motion to leave
Not over oil, control

President Bush and his administration are turning victory into defeat! We went to war to remove Saddam Hussein from power and he is no longer in power. We went to war because of possible weapons of mass destruction and have found there aren't any. We went to war to bring democracy to the people of Iraq, and in a few weeks they will elect their new government. We have won. It is time to declare victory and go home.

I am proud of U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., for addressing these issues. Our magnificent troops fought well; it is time they came home to their reward.

Already, 45 percent of Iraqis approve of attacks on coalition forces as occupiers. Over 80 percent have said we should leave next year; they think we are making the situation worse. I believe them. The longer we stay, the more we will be hated. By declaring victory and leaving, we show that we can go to war honorably and can leave with honor. To do otherwise is to confirm the claims that it was all about oil and control.

Posted online Thanksgiving evening and published Friday and I found out Friday very late.

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Gary said...

Some of my lines were cut but I received an email of congratulations from another activist.

Lines cut: Bush and the Republican party by insisting we stay there are turning our victory into a defeat. The longer we stay there the more we are viewed as occupiers, not saviors.

I call upon our other elected representatives to declare victory and leave next year. We won, it is time to go home and celebrate our victory.

The GOP has it in reverse. Instead of cutting and running as a defeat. Staying as occupiers when we are not wanted is the defeat.

Also "the anti-war protesters and the terrorists " got converted
to just "the claims."

Still they did correct I had left out "claims" in the last sentence.