Sunday, November 27, 2005

Signs of a Democratic Iraq Policy - Iraqization

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baumgrenze said...

The full text of Joe Biden's comments at the Council on Foreign Relations can be found here:

The press seems to have missed this section of his speech:

"The President has to be realistic about the mission and forget his grandiose goals. Iraq will not become a model democracy anytime soon.

"Instead, we need to refocus our mission on preserving America’s fundamental interests in Iraq.

"There are two of them:

* We must ensure Iraq does not become what it wasn’t before the war: a haven for terrorists.
* And we must do what we can to prevent a full-blown civil war that turns into a regional war.

We need a wider discussion of these goals.

The Bush Administration needs to accept that their Iraq policy to date seems to be headed for an Iraq that is a haven for terrorists which is engaged in a full-blown civil war. The President needs to publically acknowledge this and share the policy changes he believes will head of these twin disasters.