Monday, November 28, 2005

Questions as to what role Peak Oil is playing in US militarism

1) Was the War on Terror and the subsequent invasion of Iraq a coincidence when Dr Hubbert's 1956 predictions are taken into account? Are US military incursions into oil-rich regions an attempt to check its mounting debts, protect its domestic industries and prevent the emergence of rival power bases? The US army has already triangulated the planet's oil belly from Incirlik (Turkey) to Manas (Kyrgyzstan) to Masirah (Oman).

2) If oil supply is prioritized to major powers, what will be the quid pro quo, if any, to lesser economic entities? Impoverishment and inflationary pressures inevitably lead to anarchy. Will these nations relinquish sovereignty to future regional super-states, carved between major powers? The evolving EU super-state provides a template.


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