Friday, November 25, 2005

We won, time to go

Bush and the GOP and their supporters are turning victory into defeat

We went to war to remove Saddam Hussein in power. He is no longer in power.

We went to war because of possible Weapons of Mass Destruction. We have found out there are no weapons of mass destruction.

We went to war to bring democracy to the people of Iraq. In a few weeks the people of Iraq will elect their new government.

We won. It is time to declare victory and go home.

Our magnificent troops fought well and have eliminated the threat of Saddam and many terrorists. It is time they came home to their reward.

Bush and the Republican party by insisting we stay there are turning our victory into a defeat. The longer we stay there the more we are viewed as occupiers, not saviors. Already 45% of Iraqis according to a British defense department survey approve of attacks on coalition forces as occupiers. Over 80% of Iraqis believe we should leave next year, we are making the situation worse. I believe them.

I call upon our elected representatives to declare victory and leave next year. We won, it is time to go home and celebrate our victory.

Instead of cutting and running as a defeat - staying is the defeat.

The longer we stay the more we are seen as occupiers, the more we will be hated.

By declaring victory we show that we went to war honorably and left with honor.

There is no reason to stay there. Staying there is promoting terrorism.

If there were other reasons this administration won't admit to.... that is a different story, a story that says the left anti-war marchers and al Qaeda were right. A story that proves we are only there for oil and for imperialist greed.

Declare victory, withdraw from Iraq and disprove that story.

We won, time to go.

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Anonymous said...

For god sake! Americans not only are insane but stupid You didn't win anything. You removed a dictator placing another one: Mr. Bush. Oh yes, you win a lot... a lot of oil and gas.