Saturday, June 30, 2007

Asymmetrical Information: But they're illegal

This is so wrong. I actually agree with Jane Galt. I also actually had this same argument the other day.

First, Most of those who try to say they are only opposing illegal immigration really oppose immigration, legal or not, but are hoping to score some debate points.

Second, we have treated illegal immigration like traffic laws with little enforcement so any penalty or fine should reflect that and be relatively minor.

There are simple ways to fix illegal immigration if we wanted to - I favor mandatory jail time and fines of $1,000 a person a day for anyone who employs an illegal. Businesses in this country don't want that. Republicans who complain about illegals should look at their party as the cause and quit blaming some scheme of Democrats to get more votes. Despite the racist GOP paranoid fantasies you see constantly as part of the GOP plan to reduce the voting population, illegal aliens don't vote. Take it from an election judge, requiring more ID simply reduces the number of older and poorer people voting.

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