Monday, June 18, 2007

Retired Gen. George Washington Criticizes Bush's Handling Of Iraq War

"We're very happy that someone of General Washington's stature is speaking out," said Jon Soltz, cofounder and chairman of "He has impeccable conservative credentials, extensive foreign policy experience, is a true citizen-soldier with a proven commitment to his country, and, if that's not enough to get Bush to listen, he's the face on the dollar bill."

However, White House response to the former general's criticism was swift and sharp. Spokesman Tony Fratto dismissed Washington as "increasingly irrelevant" and "a relic" who "made some embarrassing gaffes" during his own military career, such as the Continental Army's near destruction in the Battle of Long Island in 1776.

Conservative pundits moved quickly to discredit the decorated general.
That was The Onion, more from The Freeway Blogger how our founding fathers would protest this war.

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