Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Woman's Life

The game of Life is being updated, with some odd changes. The game seems to discourage people from getting an education and mandates getting married. I think the current game almost requires a wife and kids as well.

Jane uses the opportunity to decry women's salaries and Bush's Supreme Court recent decision which former judge Sandra Day O'Conner would never have supported.

Someone else reports that America's biggest ally in the Middle East, badly treats its women.

I just finished Tepper's The Fresco, a review, which is a feminist wish fulfillment fantasy about aliens coming to Earth and inviting us to join the Galactic Confederacy, if we all become more neighborly and nice. The two aliens then give us all sorts of solutions to get humans to treat each other better. They start an ugly plague for women in Afghanistan and the Middle East so no one will worry about them being raped and the women could get more freedom. If the problem in the Middle East is Jerusalem they remove it because the people don't deserve the city of peace. They threaten to make the empty hole where it was bigger if violence doesn't decrease, and possibly might bring it back if peace comes. Some alien peacekeepers need live hosts for their unborn larvae, who better than religious leaders and conservative politicians who praise the sanctity of the unborn even in the case of rape. Don't worry boys, you'll only be carrying for a year and then just a small percentage of you will die.

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