Friday, June 08, 2007

Lampson chances in 2008 looking good

Early this year experts were writing off Rep. Nick Lampson's chances of being reelected to Tom DeLay's old seat. But thanks to GOP extremists his chances are now looking much better.

The two most likely GOP candidates now appear to be TX House Representative Talton from Pasadena or one-month congresswoman Sekula-Gibbs. If anything Talton is even more conservative than DeLay with his special issue being gay bashing, although reports out today indicate DeLay was also not above gay bashing the House clerk. Sekula-Gibbs in her one-month in DC as a lame duck managed to get all the wrong kinds of extensive local and national publicity, being revealed as incompetent, ineffective, flakey and vain.

This may still be a close race as conservative as the DeLay drawn district is, but it is now leans Democratic unless the GOP can come up with a better candidate.

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