Sunday, August 20, 2006

Culbertson opposes Houston citizens over Metro Richmond alignment

After saying that local residents were 90% against it, Republican representative John Culbertson is not listening to the majority of the people of the area who have come out in favor of this route. The 90% figure was from email and letters he got from an organized campaign by conservatives opposed to Metro to his office. A survey by supporters of the Richmond route showed a majority of businesses along Richmond were in favor of the Metro line. An objection of his was that it would harm those businesses. After signing the petition, local residents should contact his office and city council and Metro to voice their opinion. There are also local groups that have more ideas. There is a misleading argument that this is not the route Metro voters approved. Maps and documents show that is not true. This is sure provoking discussion in Houston. People can also support Jim Henley, Culbertson's Democratic opponent.

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