Sunday, August 20, 2006

Political Charts

There is the Pournelle Political Axis which is slightly different from the typical Nolan chart. Pournelle's axes are "Attitude toward the State," and "Attitude toward planned social progress", statism and rationality. No one seems to have developed a test on this measurement but it does have a good short wiki.

Many variations of the Nolan Chart can be found here. The Republican Liberty Caucus has been using a variant of this to rate Congress. A problem in this is the group's interpretation and choosing of votes, although their chart is a good standard. You can also find the rating of congressmen and Senators there.

Positive & Negative Liberties in Three Dimensions covers a lot of ground in reviewing the Nolan chart before adding a third dimension, what type of government is favored. Along with some needless Liberal bashing it does cover some polling, both in the UK and the US. It also has a dated section on Supreme Court judges and throws in a Kate Moss picture.

The OKCupid Political Chart and test is good if a bit quick to apply the socialist instead of the liberal label. BTW, I am a strong Democrat.

The Political Compass is often used in the U.S. despite it's British origin. My score some time ago was -4.63, -4.10.

I occasionally bring this topic up in the four years now (Yippee!) I have been writing this blog.

Wow, That's a long time, I need to get a better hobby like drinking more. (My better version of the Kate Moss photo is from here.

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