Saturday, August 19, 2006

Why are Republican politicians racially insensitive?

The other day Right Wing Sparkle asked why was it OK(?) for a Democratic blogger to show Joe Lieberman in blackface. A pretty stupid question, it was a pretty stupid joke that didn't have any one's OK. Second, she is a blogger and there are millions of us. Finding stupidity is easy in a large crowd.

Since then, we have had a Republican Senator calling an American of Indian heritage a monkey, macaca, and now a likely GOP congressmen saying: "I grew up in Alabama and I understand, uh…I know this from my own experience; blacks are not the greatest swimmers, or may not even know how to swim." Finding racism in senators and congressmen shouldn't be this easy.

In a somewhat related development, the new Republican reader war blog at the Chron seems to have thrown open his comments - and attracts the ignorant from both sides. Racism, prejudice and ignorant communication begets more racism, more prejudice and more stupids who speak up.


JAKinTT said...

They are racially insensitive because they can be. The voters they are speaking to are racially insensitive and until someone is held accountable for what they say they have no reason to change the way they talk.

Annatopia had a diary last week on Texas Kaos about what she got a taste of at a Joe Barton meeting. This type of talk isnt going away.

Heres her diary.

Gary said...

I had already read that on Daily KOs. Barton is another Tom DeLay but with a new trophy wife. That hasn't bothered his Christian supporters?