Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Jim's Links Update

My brother sent links, I provide commentary.

Cheney Secret Service being sued for abuse of authority

I can't believe it's not...

I posted a long list of spins by Republicans on this scandal. One of the most prevalent ones are "Democrats did worse and got away with it" - like this Jim sent from Investors Business Daily. Sounds like a third-grader whining after getting caught.

The conservative newest spin is "it was all a prank!" - too new to have a link.

"It was a Democratic conspiracy" seems to be the Rights leading spin. The Republican'ts with no shame are blaming the pages and outing the victims. The Chron Right reader blogger is one of those imitating her admired Malkin by spreading contact information about a victim on her own page. Unfortunately I realize this spreads it further by even writing about her shamelessness, but I will not put in a link. She has gone full throttle on repeating the latest spins from the right with several posts a day. I guess she's just scratching and clawing her way up in the blog hierarchy.

On a different subject Jim sends this high quality stream about a road trip. This is more a daydream by video artist blackshark made by merging more than 1000 scenes from a car race video game.


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