Friday, May 30, 2003

Canada's PM promises cash, troops for peace

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien took up the cause of peace on his first full day in Russia on Friday, pledging both Canadian peacekeepers for the Middle East and big money to help Russia decommission its aging nuclear arsenal.

Giving his full support for the U.S.-backed peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, Mr. Chrétien said Canada is ready to send peacekeepers to the region should those efforts result in an agreement.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also pledged $149-million to help Russia decommission its older nuclear submarines and material for thousands of bombs and missiles.

He said the contribution is part of the $1-billion promised by Canada over 10 years to an international program to help the former Soviet Union deal with its aging arsenal.

"[It] will improve international security by destroying chemical weapons, dismantling nuclear submarines, disposing of fissile materials and redirecting former weapons scientists into peaceful research," Mr. Chrétien said.

See, I can find good news, I just have to find a liberal government.

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