Friday, May 30, 2003

Minute Man Park Among Endangered Sites

Yahoo News AP -- The National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the Minute Man park on its 2003 list of the United States' most endangered historic places. The list was released Thursday.

The park, which covers more than 900 acres, includes original segments of the 1775 "Battle Road" connecting Lexington and Concord, Mass. It is where the famed Minutemen, tipped off by Paul Revere, first met the British Redcoats for bloody skirmishes that opened America's war for independence.

"One of the most important historic places in the country is slowly being degraded by noise, congestion and visual intrusions," said the National Trust's Peter Brink. His organization is protesting expanded flights at the Hanscom Field regional airport, which sits in the middle of the park.

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