Saturday, May 31, 2003

This is no manufactured hero... and other matters

I see has a lot of apt and interesting comments about Salam Pax. I have given up reading the conservative blogs, I have to watch my blood pressure, but you could have read lots of incredibly stupid speculations about him for months from the punk neo-cons. Nice to see some thoughtful blogging from a liberal on Salam.

He also recently sent me an email, also a number of other people, to update our blogrolls or blog lists to include more liberal and/or women bloggers. Good idea but I am very slow about updating my template and adding links because of the way blogger works. I found it is a several step process if you don't want to screw things up. I have several text documents I have to use instead of just making additions or corrections to what is out there. There are a number of new links and new things I want on this page and they are coming, just not immediately.

Separately, QuasiPundit in San Antonio wrote me to say he wasn't a conservative. I should have realized that by the majority of his links but I found it hard to otherwise classify someone who objected to the long tradition of quorum busting used by both parties and independents in Texas.

The GOP used unconstitutional excessive gerrymandering in an off-year in Colorado and also tried it in Texas and all he complained about was our Democrats quorum busting here in Texas and an apparent attempt by Democrats to also gerrymander New Mexico. Almost the first I ever heard about New Mexico, which looks like it was a minor idea quickly dropped. Still he says he is independent but liberal leaning and it looks to be true.

I have taken to notifying bloggers I link to with a quick "You've been digested" message. Might eventually get me more links which I have never really strived for.

And finally, I saw Thomas Friedman on Charlie Rose last night. He is back to being bright but incredibly naive, eccentric and egotistical. He is all theory, usually a new one every time you turn around, but no hat.

I suppose I should quit bitching about Democrats and go back to considering ways of saving the world from the neo-con vampires. Bring back Buffy and Willow!

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