Thursday, December 26, 2002

DEBKAfile - Turkish Troops Set to Advance on N. Iraqi oil cities – Ahead of US Attack

. The Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s disclosure in a Channel Two TV interview Tuesday night, December 24, of information that Iraq is hiding some of its chemical and biological weapons in Syria to keep them from UN inspectors, is of relevance to this objective. Although he stressed that the information needs verifying, Sharon’s choice of this moment to make the information public will be taken in Damascus as a hands-off warning against interfering with the Turkish advance into Iraq.

Our military sources draw attention to the secret military pact between Syria and Iraq, first revealed by DEBKAfile in 2001, which permits Iraqi military units in the event of war crossing into Syria and using it as a base for striking at Israel.

You can only believe about 50% of what you read in DEBKAfile but a military invasion deal with Turkey and Iraq using Syria expands and complicates the conflict.

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